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We believe in empowering our own people and strengthening our communities through investment in the latest technologies.
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System Assessment 

FNIT will conduct a thorough assessment of your current Information Technology including Data Management and Information Management.
FNIT will provide a report with in depth analysis and recommended solutions based on the information gathered from the system assessment.
IT Systems Design

FNIT will collaborate, custom design and implement an IT system to the satisfaction of client needs.

Proper technical knowlege  is essential to a self-reliant and organized First Nations Band offices. Our personable team has +19 years of technical experience and can perform customized training programs on site.
Data Management

Data management is essential to a self-reliant and organized First Nations Band office.
FNIT will provide a review of current Data/Information Management practices. 
FNIT will provide solutions to enhance security and implement disaster recovery procedures.
System Assessment 

FNIT will provide ongoing support and management for each system implemented  remotely or on site as needed.

We work closely with our clients to:

Identify and communicate your IT needs
Develop innovative systems designed to improve efficiencies
Integrate solutions in a cost effective manner
Provide training and ongoing technical support

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